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Oldeani Primary School

Oldeani Primary School is a sister school to Meali Primary School.  They are two of the three primary schools that feed Oldeani Secondary School.  Before 1997, when Meali was created, the Meali children attended Oldeani Primary School.  So, Oldeani is well aware of all the improvements Friends of Meali has made at Meali and is anxious to gain similar attention.

Oldeani is located in the village of Oldeani, so the daily commute for many of its 780 students is relatively easy.  Likewise, the teachers can find housing nearby in the village, but they must pay rent and there isn’t much housing available, which is something of a deterrent in attracting prospective staff.  Water is available and the World Food Program provides lunch.

With so many students, Oldeani Primary has two classes for each grade and is staffed by 11 teachers, not nearly enough. Friends of Meali has supplied Oldeani Primary school with books and desks, but we are now starting to deal with teacher housing.  We have constructed a new house that holds four teachers and are now renovating the existing housing.  Our next project is to create another new building for four more teachers.

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