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After completing the major capital improvements required by an adoptee school, Friends of Meali continues to support the school and its community with programs designed to underscore the importance of education, stimulate children’s natural curiosity and broaden their horizons, increase parental involvement in their children’s success, and help teachers to find ways of enhancing their effectiveness. Friends of Meali’s approach has been to adopt a school and give it a boost according to the  local community’s own priorities. This enables the community to accomplish projects far more quickly than it could  on its own.  We do not step in and run the school, and do not want the local community to become dependent on us.  But we do help with bridging the gap while transitioning program responsibility to the parents.  And there are some areas where we provide ongoing assistance.

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Quilt Exchange with The Shady Hill School

Standards 5 and 6 at the Meali Primary School and the sixth grades at The Shady Hill School created and exchanged quilts in 2011.  Each student made one square, showing some aspect of his or her life.  This project was one of an ongoing annual project exchange and a personalized experience of new people and new cultures for each child.