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Advanced English Course

Primary school in Tanzania is taught in KiSwahili, the official language of the country.  Many students’ families speak a tribal language at home, which means that the children begin learning KiSwahili in Kindergarten.  English language instruction begins in Standard (grade) III, which for some is at least their third language.  Secondary school, the country’s primary language of commerce, is entirely in English – books, lectures, everything.  This language switch presents a tough challenge for those fortunate enough to be accepted to secondary school.  Friends of Meali helps prepare them to make this leap by providing an advanced English course taught daily by an extra teacher paid for by the Friends of Meali,  from mid September through December.  This time period is after the Standard VII students have completed their National Exams and before they start secondary school in January. Other primary school students are still in class at this time.

Studying to go on to secondary school during the break between exams and the end of the school year.