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For a few very high performing secondary school students, Friends of Meali finds individual sponsors to support a child at boarding school. In 2017 we are supporting 5 students at Peace House. This is the first year that Losirwa has had graduates so our scholarships have been split between the two schools, 2 from Meali and 3 from Losirwa.  In 2016 we sent 6 students to Peace house from Meali and in 2015 we sent 3 students, as pictured above.  They are Simon, Pascalina and Valeri. In 2014, we sponsored two such students, one boy and one girl. Peace House is in Tanzania’s third largest city Arusha near Lucas Mhina’s home. (Friends of Meali’s Tanzanian leader.) Lucas and his wife host the students for short vacations and oversee their school progress.  Everyone is very grateful for their very special help. Emmanuel and Lightness have passed their  National Exams from level IV and have moved on to the higher secondary school where we are sure they will succeed. Their academic schedules are different from that of the primary schools so when they are not in school and the younger students are both Emmanuel and Lightness go back to Meali and help out.

We are  continuing to look for both promising candidates and sponsors who will provide multi-year support for this program.  Ideally a sponsor will follow one student for four years. Cost: $1,500 to $2,000 per child per year, depending on the school selected.

Emmanuel and Lightness both want to be doctors. Sponsor another student. Perhaps you can help create a teacher or scientist or policeman. Contact Friends of Meali and learn more.

Emmanuel and Lightness at their new school