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In keeping with our philosophy of “giving a boost” to the community, Friends of Meali provides a secondary school scholarship program that pays all the school fees for the first year (Form I) for those students who pass their National Exams and are accepted into public secondary school. Exam results are usually announced in late November and the school year begins in January. Secondary school is now mandatory in Tanzania if you pass the exam and “free”.  Friends of Meali has been helping out with the first year expenses of two uniforms, shoes, lunch money,  text book purchases and note books. Some students are assigned to boarding schools so Friends of Meali also supplies a mattress and some other sundries.  The result is that 100% of those accepted are now attending secondary school for at least one year and a higher proportion are returning for Forms II, III, and IV. Cost: about $250  for each child.

Some first form students in secondary school

These are also former Meali students now in the first form at Oldeani Secondary school.