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In December 0f 2014, Friends of Meali brought Kelvin Choaji, to the United States for a two week internship program.  While here Kelvin was hosted by families with school age children, attended and visited 5 different schools, and was a tourist.  Friends of Meali would like to thank the Mason Rice public School in Newton, the Morse public school in Cambridge, The Young Achievers Pilot and Mathematics School of Boston, The Shady Hill School, the Bowditch School in Salem, and Marblehead High School for allowing Kelvin to visit and present materials,  and answer questions about the Meali school in Tanzania.   Upon returning home Kelvin shared his experiences and new ideas with the teachers in Meali.  They have reorganized the sharing of classes and responsibilities, are trying out a few more thought provoking assignments, and are working towards some other goals, as adopted to Tanzanian culture. Kelvin was most impressed with the caring, friendly way the teachers interacted with their students and the structure of the classroom activites that allowed for this.  He is working on achieving a Tanzanian equivalent.  We wish him the best .


We have given the schools a “boost” but it is really up to the teachers and students to use their new facilities well  The teachers do not receive large salaries and to that end we supply each teacher a bonus if at the end of the school year the graduating class performs well on their state exams.  Friends of Meali wish them well.  BAHATI NJEMA  (Good luck)

Meali teacher soon to visit Boston

Kelvin Choaji says that he wants to be an ambassador for Meali